Local Phone Numbers
The Waters at Lake Anna
The Waters Community Office Manager 540-894-0409  
Louisa County Offices & Services
County of Louisa   Website
Louisa County Sheriff’s Office 540-967-1234  
Louisa County Animal Shelter 540-967-3477;  540-894-4219 Website
Louisa County Treasurer’s Office 540-967-3435  Website
Louisa County Public Library 540-894-5853 Website
Louisa County Public Schools 540-894-5115 Website
Louisa County High School 540-894-5436 Website
Louisa County Middle School 540-894-5457 Website
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School 540-967-0492 Website
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative 540-898-8500 Website
Virginia Cooperative Extension Service 540-967-3422 Website
Virginia State Police 1-800-552-9965 Website
Poison Control  1-800-222-1222 Website
Lake Anna Links   Website