August 22, 2020 Message from TWALA Board of Directors: (Updated)
We hope that you and your family have remained in good health during these uncertain times. With health and safety at the forefront, the Waters at Lake Anna (TWALA) wants to continue to do all that we can to protect our employees, contractors, and our TWALA families. In compliance with the governor’s orders, the TWALA HOA physical office will remain open, with limited access only to TWALA members and the public, until rescinded by further Executive Order of the Governor or by TWALA BOD action. However, our office manager, Ms. Tara Hirshell, will be available during office hours, 10 am to 2 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays (with the exception of every third Saturday of the  month) through Labor Day, via telephone at 540-894-0409, or via email at For additional TWALA HOA information please visit
The HOA Board of Directors (BOD) has been, and will continue in the near term, holding their monthly BOD business meetings by remote means, with dial-in "listen only" available to members. The agenda, including the dial-in numbers, is provided by email and on the website prior to the monthly BOD Meeting. Additionally, the BOD has deferred the Annual HOA Meeting until 2021 at the normally scheduled date. A communication in this regard will be disseminated soon. The current slate of Directors has agreed to remain in office until a new Board is formed at the next Annual Meeting.  
  • Swimming Pool Update from TWALA Board of Directors
In consideration of the requirements and guidelines issued by the State of Virginia under Executive Order 67 (2020), the TWALA HOA Board has determined, at their August 22, 2020 meeting, that it cannot yet effectively implement actions necessary to open the TWALA HOA outdoor swimming pool for the summer 2020 season. As such the pool is now closed for the remainder of the 2020 season. The Board determined that it remains equally impractical to allow rental of the Clubhouse at this time.  The Board will continue to monitor any actions taken by the Governor or the Virginia Department of Health in this regard.  Please consider social distancing, cleanliness, and the health and safety of you, your family, guests, and others when using the outdoor community amenities, such as the beach and the marina, which are "use at your own risk."
Here is a link you may find useful: VA Phase Three Guidelines
A more detailed compilation of the Virginia requirements for opening swimming pools under Phase III COVID-19 may be found on the Communications Committee page of the HOA website.
Thank you,
/George Lear, Chairman
For the Board of Directors
The Waters at Lake Anna HOA
May 6, 2020 Message from the TWALA Board regarding Golf Cart use.
TWALA Members:
The TWALA Board is happy to announce that the TWALA Community is now approved and ready to move forward as a Golf Cart friendly neighborhood.   To help ensure the protection and safety of the TWALA members, family and friends “Golf Cart Rules and Guidelines” have been developed and approved by the TWALA Board of Directors pursuant to the authority granted to the Board by Section 8 of the Covenants and based on the results of the TWALA member survey conducted by the TWALA Board.   Golf Cart identification signs have been installed at both entrances to the community and also a notice when leaving the community that Golf Carts are not allowed on Lake View Blvd.
Any TWALA member, in good standing, desiring to use his/her Golf Cart on the TWALA community public roads and common areas may apply to the Board for a registration sticker.  Please use the following steps to complete your application. 
1.    Print out a copy of the new “Rules and Guidelines for use of a Golf Cart in TWALA” (“Document”) which is located   on the web site by clicking “About” on the top menu bar then clicking “HOA Documents”.  
2.    Read the complete Document, provide responses to several questions at the end and then sign the Document.
3.    Make a copy of your Insurance policy covering the golf cart and have $5.00 cash or a check made out to TWALA for the registration sticker.
4.    The TWALA office is currently following COVID-19 rules.  As such, at this time, either:  
a.    Mail the signed copy of the Document along with a copy of the Insurance policy and the payment to TWALA at 841 Lake Forest Dr. Mineral, VA 23117, or
b.    Place the signed copy of the Document along with a copy of the Insurance policy and $5.00 payment in an envelope addressed to “TWALA Golf Cart Registration” and place the envelope in the small lock box inside the large TWALA mailbox outside the clubhouse.
5.    Upon receipt of the Document the Office Manager will review the Document to ensure all questions have been answered, the Document is signed, and a copy of the golf cart insurance coverage and payment have been provided.  Once the Document is verified, a numbered Golf Cart registration sticker will be mailed to the applicant members listed address. 
Thank you and stay safe,
TWALA Board of Directors
Welcome to your new TWALA.ORG Website. Please click the register link located in the top right of the screen.  Fill out the required information for access to the full site.  We welcome your comments and feedback.
Association Office Hours
Ms. Tara Hirshell, Office Manager for The Waters HOA,
may be reached at the Association Office Desk :

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
10:00 AM  to  2:00 PM
 From July 4 until Labor Day,  the office will be open every Saturday except the third Saturday of the month.  After the Labor Day weekend, the office will be closed on Saturdays, except for Saturdays when there is a Board of Directors meeting.
  Please check our calendar for updates on the office schedule, meetings, civic activities and more.
Ms. Hirshell may also be contacted by email ( or at the office phone number,  540-894-0409.
Algae Bloom Information 
Please see links below from the Lake Anna Civic Association (LACA) in regard to the harmful algae growth at Lake Anna: 
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Welcome to the website for The Waters at Lake Anna, a prestigious community on the private side of Lake Anna in Mineral, Virginia.  With over four hundred estate lots uniquely located a short drive from Charlottesville, Richmond or Fredericksburg, this premier community is well worth a visit.
The Waters boasts numerous amenities: pool, tennis courts, boat ramp, day slips, athletic field, private beach, and community clubhouse, all available for use by residents and lot owners of the community as well as their guests.  Whether you are here to enjoy the fishing, boating, athletic activities, wildlife, peaceful countryside or the wonderful sunsets, we welcome you, your family members, and your guests to a memorable experience at The Waters.
If you are visiting our community in search of just the right place to build a new home, a retirement residence, a vacation home, or simply seeking to invest in an upscale community at Lake Anna, then look no further. Our rural setting affords a relaxing environment to which one may retreat for a restful weekend or a welcome abode at the end of a grueling workday.
Although we are a relatively young Homeowners’ Association, our Board of Directors is working hard to continue to improve the community with the addition of amenities and improvement of existing facilities.  If you are interested in learning more of the projects on which the Board is working, have suggestions on a particular aspect of life at The Waters, or are already a member of the Association and are interested in participating in the administration of your community, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the Board members through our website’s “Contact” page.
Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to join us at The Waters, the premier community at Lake Anna.